The History of Edgewater Manor

A stunning restaurant on the shore of Lake Ontario


Perched proudly on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Edgewater Manor immediately arrests the attention of the approaching visitor. The majestic stone exterior reflects the passions of the Great Gatsby era, a jazz age palace suggestive of that spectacular time and dreams of wealth and opulence.

Owned and operated by The Trajkovski Family, the Edgewater is a careful restoration of a mansion originally built in the 1920’s. Over the intervening 70 years, the Edgewater, which at various times has also been known to locals as “Fruitland Castle” and “Cairngorm”, has undergone a series of renovations. The end result is the modern reincarnation which was opened in August, 1996. Much of the original building still remains, including a sweeping marble staircase which was taken from the Toronto Dominion building dating back to the 1800’s.

Original construction on the mansion, began around 1921-1922 as a dream project for Phillip Reginald Morris, a prominent lawyer and investor in the stock market. His dream was to build his own private “castle” as a testament to his financial success. Mr. Morris likely obtained his inspiration from Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, a prominent Canadian financier, industrialist and military officer. Sir Henry’s legacy is Toronto’s renowned castle, Casa Loma. Materials for Mr. Morris’ mansion were accumulated from many different parts of the world, but the majority of the supplies travelled a short distance. Most of what is visible on the exterior of the building today are pieces, and in some cases, entire sections of old buildings torn down in the City of Hamilton. Phillip Morris’ success did not last long enough for him to complete his dream of finishing the mansion. The 1929 stock market crash eroded his many investments and Mr. Morris had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. For nearly two decades the house remained an empty shell of unfinished walls, symbolizing one of the hardships of the Great Depression. There are also tales of Al Capone visiting the site.

By 1948, things began to look promising. Alan Morris, the son of Phillip and Jean, had completed his schooling in engineering and drafting and was seeking to become a builder and renovator. Alan decided to continue the construction of the mansion and if nothing else, convert it into apartment housing. Since Jean Cairns Morris was the major financial supporter of the project at this point, she insisted that the mansion be named “Cairngorm”. This name stuck through the years of construction and for many years after. Since the property left the Morris family in the early 1970’s, the name was lost and it is referred to today by locals as the “Fruitland Castle”. Alan Morris moved in with his family in 1952 as he worked to complete the remaining 7 apartments. In the summer of 1956, Phillip and Jean Morris, along with their daughter Alma, also moved into one of the apartments. Phillip finally got his chance to live in the house he had dreamed of 30 years earlier. In 1971, the mansion and property were sold by the family and existed as a small apartment building for the next 25 years.

The castle was fully restored in the summer of 1996 and the Trajkovski family, who had acquired a long tradition of fine dining success with their name, converted it into one of the finest dining and event spaces in the GTA, naming it Edgewater Manor.

In the Manor’s front foyer is a magnificent, eye catching, marble staircase that winds upward to some of the conference rooms and private dining areas. The staircase was reassembled from its original base, the old Toronto Dominion centre in Toronto and the mosaic tile floor, imported from a castle in England , dates back to the 1600’s.

With this rich legacy providing the historical backdrop, it is the Edgewater’s modern-day commitment to quality in food preparation, ingredients, service, and atmosphere, that has established it as one of the areas’ premier fine dining spots attracting guests from across the US and Canada. Edgewater Manor’s award winning menu focuses on freshness and authenticity, while keeping the wine cellar immaculately stocked.